What is the Printing Profession?

When we say printing, although it has a very wide product range, our profession is not fully known in our country. Introducing this distinguished profession, which has countless products and diversity in itself, is a great treasure for us printers, which should be passed down from generation to generation.

Many people think that the history of the printing profession is a profession performed by using lead letters as shown in movies or when Gutenberg and İbrahim Müteferrika are mentioned in history books. The development of technology has also affected the printing profession and the machines used in production have become computer controlled. While in the past years, mostly male students preferred the printing departments of universities, today almost half of the classes consist of female students.

When we look carefully at our daily lives, we see that we encounter printed products at every stage of our lives. Magazines, newspapers, prints on plastic bags and toothpaste tubes, novels, brochures and catalogues, cardboard packages, prints on soft drink and cans, chips bags, labels affixed on all kinds of packaging, business cards, calendars, and the ones we read to get the news. Many products are always produced in printing houses.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of printing houses and packaging manufacturers in our country in recent years, and especially the packaging manufacturers’ tendency to export, there is a shortage of trained personnel. For this reason, graduates of printing and two-year Design Printing and Publishing departments of universities have the opportunity to have a job before they finish their school.

The printing industry in Turkey is at the same level as the world in terms of technology. In recent years, many high-tech machines have been imported to our country.

Production departments of a printing house can basically be defined as prepress, press and postpress. These departments are supported by departments such as production planning, quality control, sales and marketing.

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